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Metro World

Metro World Child – Namibia, is committed to providing hope and building futures for children living in adverse conditions in Namibia and works in partnership (associated branch) with MetroWorld Child with headquarters in New York. Whether faced with the physical effects of poverty or the dangers of gangs, violence, abuse and hopelessness, we want to see children’s lives placed on a new path through the life-changing love of Christ. By meeting children where they are, personally investing in their lives and presenting the Gospel in a fun, accessible way, we believe we can build foundations that lead to hope, a future and better lives for children around the world.

We accomplish this in several ways:
- Helping children experience hope and authentic love through weekly programmes in primary schools, churches on Sundays, in the neighborhoods where they live, camps and personal mentorship.
- We strive to provide in as much as we can in the physical needs that hinder personal and spiritual growth, such as school supplies, food and clean water.
Based on the principle that it is better to build boys and girls today than to repair men and women tomorrow, Metro World Child reaches over 150,000 inner-city children and their families in New York and around the world. Each of our programmes are founded upon the life-changing power of the Gospel, and purposefully designed to break destructive cycles, to give children the hope they need to create a new path for their lives.


Every human being deserves to define their own future

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