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About Us

The Fatherhood Foundation is a “not-for-profit” organization that focuses on the training, teaching and coaching of men for excellence in manhood, by imparting an understanding of the purpose, principles & patterns of manhood and how to succeed in every area of life.

The Fatherhood Foundation was established by Carven John Izaks, with the explicit purpose to address and solve challenges in society that stem from the absence of fathers, the misconception of manhood and its purpose and to help men live a fulfilled life. Mr Izaks’ passion was birthed out of his pain, as he grew up without a father. One of the main focusses of the Fatherhood Foundation’s is to train men through a process and system of development that has been specially choreographed.

The Fatherhood Foundation was established to train, teach empower men with the purpose, function, responsibilities of manhood. We focus on values, principles and the laws that govern life. The patterns and principles that will ensure sound and balanced lifestyle as well as promote the sustainability of the moral backbone of society: The Family.

Our strategy is to create platforms where men can engage such as events, weekly social gatherings, continues training session, in small groups settings, to build relationships, through which shared values can be imparted. Through our academies (Man of Honour and Ladies of Honour) we are able to train and raise coaches and facilitators who in turn start to train other men. We start training and mentoring men from ages 13 upwards.

Work in partnership with other stakeholders to address the challenges we face as a result of fatherlessness and the effects thereof on our society;
Establish Fatherhood Centre's in all regions in Namibia;
Develop coordinators in every town of Namibia, with the same passion to train and equip men in their area;
Host an Annual Men’s Conference;
Run weekly men’s mentoring groups
All men, are mandated to go through “FF” process and system of transformation. This process will transform their character, mind-set and values in order to bring change in their personal, family and work life.

Fatherlessness is not just the absence of a father, but also an absence of concern for the family. This epidemic is the very issue that gives rise to so many challenges we are facing in our Namibian society today.