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Men Mentorship

The Fatherhood Foundation is committed to reach men locally and internationally by entrusting the message of authentic manhood, to build men and raise sons by sharpening their characters with moral values and principles for a successful life.

As you know life is not cut and paste, nor is fathering a 5-point plan. Mentoring a man, requires authentic relationships and it will take real commitment. Committing yourself to a responsibility of journeying with men and getting wholly engaged in their lives, requires a total commitment to really care, empower and sacrifice your time, talent and treasures for lives of other men. A real man should carefully consider his commitment to be mentored, and not to take this lightly.

We would liketo“INVITE YOU”, to become part of our Radical Mentoring Programme.
We are inviting you to sign up to be mentored for one year. This is a special type of men’s small group made up of men who are willing to take up responsibility to journey with a group of selected and committed men and to facilitate as they themselves are being mentored by a more mature man. The vision is to help men (young and old) to live high moral lives and fulfil their purpose and passion. It is our goal to impact the lives of men in a way that points them toward an integrated, authentic lifestyle. We believe that we can have successful careers, continue to grow through mentorship (discipleship) and become great husbands, fathers, sons, civic leaders, disciple-makers and friends all at the same time. When you register, you will be invited to attend an INFORMATION SESSION where more details will be shared, and questions being answered. Some of the information we will share is our curriculum for men.
THE CURRICULUM will cover the following books and workbooks:
1. Maximized Manhood
2. Courage
3. Sexual Integrity
4. Communication, Sex and Money
5. Treasure
6. Power of Potential
7. Never Quit
8. Real Men
9. Strong Men in Tough Times
10. Test Me
11. The Alpha Male

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