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The Fatherhood Foundation is a “not-for-profit” organization that focuses on the training, teaching and coaching of men for excellence in manhood, by imparting an understanding of the purpose, principles & patterns of manhood and how to succeed in every area of life.


As part of the training, the men must engage in community projects. Our projects are a means for men to engage and do something significant and of meaning. Men need a meaningful& worthy “cause”, a to feel they accomplish something.


These retreats for both men and young men, are life changing, when they get time to reflect and consider the value and meaning of their lives. Most of the participants make live changing decisions and it has an immediate effect on the families.


These corporate gathering brings men together from all walks of live. Our conferences bring experts in the field with a powerful message call to manhood. The conferences are great reward & excitement, to connect with other men, make new friends.